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Sugar Demon


There have been a lot of stories floating around about the perils of sugar, and subsequent articles blaming certain types of sugar over others.  For example, for a while it was glucose that was being demonised, but then fructose came in for some stick as well.  Then there came the backlash against eating fruit – 5 portions per day should be focused around vegetables, as fruit is higher in the evil sugar!

Well, frankly, I would much rather you were cramming as many different types of fruit and vegetables in to yourself as possible, without complicating matters by saying it has to be vegetables rather than fruit.  Our bodies are designed to deal with sugars that naturally occur within food sources like fruit.  It’s only once we start adding it to food that it becomes a problem.  Whether that’s in the form of sugary drinks, honey or sugar added to baking, or the sugar that is sometimes surprisingly high in things like table condiments, these are the areas we need to be focussing on.

So is sugar actually bad for you? Well, unfortunately we’re just not sure.  It certainly has no real benefit, as far as nutrition is concerned, and there’s always the dental issue of it rotting your teeth, but bad for you? It’s just too complex an issue to be able to say one way or the other.

That being said, it certainly isn’t something that we should just shrug and ignore, while sipping our full-fat coke, eating a white-bread sandwich with ketchup.  As I mentioned before, sugar has no nutritional benefit beyond being a source of energy.  It doesn’t help us with vitamins, minerals, fibre or any other good nutrition that we should be trying to get.  With the country seeing levels of obesity rising at a catastrophic rate, energy is hardly something we need to be trying to get more of either.

Therefore I think it’s safe to say that while sugar may not actually be harmful in itself, obesity certainly is due to strong links to cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, cancer and more, and sugar provides nothing apart from empty calories we don’t need.

A balanced diet is important – high in wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, protein, unsaturated fats and other good stuff – but there isn’t really any place for added sugar.

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