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Why choose manual therapy?


This a very important question for most people – why on earth should I choose manual therapy over, say, mainstream medicine?  In this blog I am going to put forward 3 main reasons why I think it’s worth giving us a go!

I suppose the first reason why many people would opt to use a manual therapy such as Chiropractic would be its effectiveness.  Thinking about it in purely logical terms, Chiropractic is a rapidly growing profession, with more and more students graduating each year from the Colleges and going on to start up new practices in a variety of towns and countries.  There wouldn’t be room for such rapid expansion if people weren’t willing to take their aches and pains to a Chiropractor, and they wouldn’t be willing to do so if it didn’t work.  For those of you who are interested in scientific evidence, the research is also there to support the effective use of Chiropractic in the treatment of many conditions.

Another reason for choosing a manual therapy – particularly where businesses and self-employed workers are concerned – is its cost-effectiveness.  Several studies have found that the use of manual therapies, especially in the treatment of low back pain and shoulder pain, is a cost-effective way of managing such conditions.

Finally, I would like to put on the table a small comparison with the main alternative provided by your GP – painkillers.  There is a world of dissent on how helpful these medications are in the treatment of conditions such as back pain, but let’s put the effectiveness issue to one side for a minute.  Inside every box of painkillers, there’s a tightly folded piece of paper with instructions about how and when to take the medication, what it is used for, what it contains....and what side-effects it may have.  Have you ever read that?! Seriously – the list is often impressively long, and encompasses a wide range of negative side effects, from drowsiness to kidney failure and (in some cases) even death.  Well, to my mind that’s not a good thing.  So how about manual therapy? The only common side-effeect is that it can feel differently sstiff and sore ffor a day or so afterwards.  Some people may also find that they sleep really well afterwards (this one is particularly common in babies!) but I'm pretty sure that's not a bad thing.

So, it works, it saves you and/or your business money in the long run and there is only one common side effect.  I suggest, therefore, it’s not so much a question of why you should choose manual therapies such as Chiropractic as why on earth wouldn’t you?!

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