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What Happens When I Visit?

Having taken the important step of deciding to try and improve your health through Chiropractic care, you will need to register with the clinic, and then your Chiropractor will work on establishing the nature and cause of any pain you are experiencing, as well as what Chiropractic can do to help you recover from such an injury and what you can be doing to help yourself. After this first appointment, it is usually necessary to follow up with a series of subsequent visits, which generally last around 20 minutes each and consist of a review of your condition, an examination of relevant aspects and then a continuation of your treatment programme.

Your treatment programme will, of course, be individually tailored to suit your personal needs and preferences, but in general Chiropractic treatment consists of a combination of adjustments, soft tissue work and plenty of advice and support on self care and prevention of problems in the future.

Your Chiropractor will always do her best to ensure you are completely happy with what you have been told about your condition and how it is to be treated, and that you fully understand everything that has been discussed. If you have any questions during your appointment, you are always welcome to ask them at the time; if you think of something after the appointment that you forgot to ask while at the clinic, Laura is more than happy to answer any queries via phone, text or email.

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