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Ok, so I know I am a little late to be using Valentine’s Day here, but I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and was suitably amour-ed by their significant other.  If you happen to be on your own, like me, well...hope you had a nice weekend irrespective!

I only bring the love-fest into everything as a super-smooth segue to this articles main topic, which is TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!  Love your own body as much as you love your partner (or your dog, or car, or stereo) and you will be doing yourself a serious favour.

It happens scarily frequently – we let those little niggles slide further and further until they are no longer little niggles but serious problems which take a serious effort to sort out.  When you think about it, it is a very odd way of doing things.  I suspect many of you will have done a similar thing with your car, for example, and we know how badly that goes.  You ignore that rattle, or the warning light on the dashboard, or accept something as just a “quirk” of that car and before too long what would have been a straight-forward top up the oil and replace a seal becomes a whole new engine because it leaked to the point there was no oil and seized.  In the middle of the motorway.  At rush hour.

A mystifying example, as well, is that lovely group of people I have so much to do with – horse riders.  The slightest sign of pain, stiffness or lameness in the horse and we call the vet, the physiotherapist, the osteopath, the chiropractor, the dentist, the farrier...and just about every other professional we can lay our hands on until the root cause has been found and dealt with, often running up bills into the hundreds or even thousands of pounds.  But it will take a serious fall, or agonising pain that is actually stopping them being able to function before they will seek help with their own problems.  Madness!

So, at this love-filled time of year, why not treat yourself and get that niggle sorted before you have to stop doing the things you love because of the pain.  And hey, if it’s your partner who’s got the niggle...well, show how much you care by persuading them to get it sorted!

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