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Lifting and Moving


Sometimes, I feel as though I am a stuck record.  I’m constantly telling people about posture, core strength and correct lifting techniques – and most people already know about it, they just don’t do it.  On Friday, as many of my lovely patients will know, I moved house.  With the help of the lovely Lee from LMJ Logistics (highly recommend, by the way!) we loaded all my worldly possessions onto his van, and then unloaded it all at the other end.

Now, I have pretty good core strength.  My posture isn’t always the best, but I do make sure that whenever I am lifting anything it is absolutely spot on and all the niceties of straight back, bent knees and using that carefully nurtured core strength are fully observed.

So the acid test – does it work? Can you move an entire house full of stuff without ending up crippled by the end of the day? I am pleased to report the answer is: Absolutely!  By the end of the day, I was exhausted, bruised and a bit overwhelmed by how much I still had to do, but I had no back pain at all.  And I do have a history of back problems, ever since I was about 12 and ended up lying on my bed in the dormitory at school, unable to move because of the pain.  Therefore, if I can do it, so can you!

Just a short one, then, this week but I felt it was very important to point out to you all the critical importance of what I tell so many people.  By making sure you work at your core strength, and take care of how you do things, you can avoid recurring problems and be as fit, active and healthy as anyone else. 

Because we all know: Prevention is Better than Cure!

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