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Many of you have heard me talking about it, some of you may even have already sampled the type of service I’m offering, but it’s now official – Back in the Saddle is here!

This is my new brainchild, where I am combining my passion for horses and riding with my love of chiropractic.  I’ve always enjoyed treating my horse-riding patients, but I usually only get to see them once it’s all gone horribly wrong.  However, a few instances of people being sent by their riding instructors for errors in their posture which were more physical than simple technique set a little worm going in my thoughts.

Most equestrian people will admit, they get their horse’s back, teeth, feet, saddle and anything else they can possibly thing of checked over, but they don’t ever see anyone about their own muscles and joints.  This is daft, and it has got to be changed!  One problem is that a lot of chiropractors (or physiotherapists, or osteopaths) simply don’t understand what is required when you are riding, especially if you are having trouble with one specific movement.  Enter me! One of the first patients I had in who didn’t have pain but had been sent along by their riding instructor was unable to rise to the trot on one rein.  My understanding of how the human body works, as well as the aids required for certain actions, allowed me to chase down the muscles and joints which were causing a problem, and correct the issue.

But how do you know when to come?  Simple.  Now.  Believe me, in my “normal” practice, I am not a fan of regular check-ups in the absence of a problem – I’d rather give you the tools, knowledge and exercises to take care of yourself for the most part, and then I am here for you when that’s not enough and something still manages to go wrong.  Horse riders are different.  With the athleticism and varying positions required of our bodies – whether you are jumping, doing dressage or simply hacking – combined with yard work, ground work and the occasional spook or (hopefully) very occasional fall, your body is under continual strain and it simply isn’t possible to prevent all imbalances.  Add to that the fact that every time you are out of balance, you throw your horse out as well, and suddenly regular check-ups with a Chiropractor who knows horses and riding seems like a good idea.

For more information about what is on offer, check out, and don’t forget to check my previous blog about horse riding and how chiropractic can help!

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