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Neural Programming


The nervous system is an amazing thing.  It controls just about every function in your body, from thought, to digestion, to moving around.  But it’s not fool-proof, and sometimes we need to take a moment to help it sort itself out.

When we are in pain, a natural subconscious response is to avoid activities that provoke the pain.  Time and again, I see people who have the physical capacity to bend forward, or turn their head, but because it was painful for a while to do so their nervous system puts an automatic block on that movement.  You end up turning your whole torso to look over your shoulder, or crouching down to pick something off the floor rather than bending the way you used to.

In extreme cases, even when you are trying to do the movement normally, your body simply won’t let you.  I have recently been working with someone who has just this problem – a limp that was formally forced upon them by pain, but even though a lot of the pain-causing structures have been righted they are still unable to walk in a normal, comfortable fashion.

Clearly, this is a protective mechanism gone into overdrive – the nervous system has reprogrammed itself so that when the brain says “walk”, the rest of the nervous system says “ok, walk…but with a limp”.  We now have to retrain the pathways so that the nervous system loses the “with a limp” part of the instruction.

How long it takes to achieve this re-programming will vary depending on how long it has been present, how severe the adaptive mechanism is and how hard you work at it.  It is important to always take it in tiny little steps – you may be able to move through these steps rapidly, but if you start trying to skip stages it’s not going to work.

If you think you have developed an adaptive mechanism like this – be it a limp, an odd way of moving your shoulder, or perhaps an inability to turn your head – then please do see your Chiropractor.  They will be able to check to see if there is any physical block to the movement any more, and if not they will be able to suggest ways to start “normalising” your movement again.

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