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Green Prescriptions


No, I’m not talking about the colour of the piece of paper given to you by your doctor (although, now I think about it…they are green as well!)  I’m referring to an increasingly popular idea that sometimes pills aren’t the only way to go.

In particular, when it comes to dealing with stress, anxiety and tension the idea that spending more time outside – be it walking, in the garden or just taking time out – has been growing in popularity.  And there’s no question it works for many people.  We all know people who are passionate about their garden, and it’s no coincidence they tend to also be the happier, more contented set of people as well. 

GPs are increasingly getting on board with this idea as well and are starting to recommend to people that they try growing plants or taking walks outside to help with their recovery from various disorders.  Whether it’s being out in the sun, the fresh air or the connection with living, growing plants that give such benefits is still relatively uncertain, but to my mind it is something of a moot point.  The fact is, if you make time to get out there, you will feel better!

Of course, it could also be the increase in activity levels that helps.  It is widely accepted that a small amount of exercise each day can lift your mood, reduce pain levels and generally benefit your overall health.  It has even be noted that improvements in digestive health can be seen with moderate exercise, so if you are prone to feeling bloated or having indigestion, perhaps getting out for a walk every day will work as well as popping Rennies.

Being a chiropractor, most of the issues I see are related to pain.  I am constantly urging people to move around more – whether it’s just going for a walk around the office to make a cup of tea, or taking up a new form of exercise, or breaking up a long car journey.  Not only does this reduce stiffness and improve levels of pain, the blood circulation improves and therefore healing is increased.

So before you jump on the pharmaceutical band-wagon, why not challenge yourself to set aside 20 mins every day for something involving the Great Outdoors.  We live in a beautiful country – even when it is raining, there’s something wonderfully liberating about donning a coat and wellies and going splashing through puddles like a little kid.  I’ll be out there…come and join me!

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