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In this age of ever-increasing waist lines in the Western world, there is a corresponding increase in the number of fad diets promising miraculous weight loss and glowing health if you just do this/cut out this/eat this food with magical properties.  The trouble is, there is no such thing as a miracle cure, and some of the programs I’ve been hearing about lately are frankly dangerously unhealthy.

Your body has certain requirements, both in terms of the energy you take in and the composition of that energy.  You need to have a certain amount of fat, carbohydrate, fibre and other nutrients in order to stay healthy.  Lose too much of any one of these from your diet and you risk anything from dull, lifeless hair to blindness to death.  There are also certain pit-falls when it comes to trying to do the right thing with your shopping – for example, we all know excessive levels of sugar are bad for us, but what is less known is that the low-fat options we think we are being “good” by opting for are often so loaded with sugar to make them taste nicer that they are worse for you than the full-fat option (especially in light of the fact fat is actually a necessary part of your diet, unlike sugar).

Add into that the fact that if you are literally starving yourself for an extended period (a recent suggestion I came across was eat only 700Kcal per day for 6 weeks) your concentration will be affected – I’m sure we have all at some point forgotten to eat during a very busy time in our lives.  You feel suddenly tired, you can’t focus on your task as well as you should and mistakes are made.  Extend that single missed meal to a significant reduction in energy intake over several weeks, and if you are operating machinery or even just driving your car, this lapse in concentration and the corresponding mistakes could threaten not only your life but the lives of those around you.

Now I whole-heartedly support a desire to gain or maintain a healthy weight – the damage caused by being overweight is significant, both in terms of your musculoskeletal health and your health overall, and it is such an avoidable problem!  It’s not easy, believe me I know.  I have to work constantly in order to maintain my own weight at an acceptable level, so I can understand the trials and tribulations you may go through and I also totally understand how appealing these miracle-cures can be when they promise maximum results, but I beg you – DON’T BE FOOLED!

If anyone is interested in a balanced, healthy diet to promote weightloss I am very happy to help.  I can suggest ways to trim the excesses, things you should make sure you have enough of and common mistakes made, as well as looking at the level of exercise you currently perform and seeing whether this needs improving within the allowances of your physical health.  But whether you chose to ask my advice or not, remember that you need a little of most things to provide your body with the building blocks it requires to keep you healthy.  Cutting things out altogether is rarely the right option.

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