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Top 10 facts about your Gut


So I recently read a brief article in a magazine about your gut, and I just thought I would share these facts with you – after all, the health of your muscles and joints is heavily reliant on the food and drink you put in your body, and how it deals with it!

  1. The gut has more than 100bn bacteria to every gram of intestinal content.

  2. A 9m-long organ with 800-900 folds, the gut would cover an entire tennis court if laid out flat.

  3. If the vagus nerve connecting the brain and the gut were severed, the digestive system would function still independently.

  4. Plant-based foods, fibre, fruits, vegetables, pulses, wholegrains and olive oil encourage a healthy gut.

  5. Populations that frequently eat fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut and miso tend to have better gut health and less bowel disease.

  6. The gut produces considerably more neurotransmitters (which influence our mood and behaviour) than the brain does.

  7. Stress produces an influx of adrenaline, which shuts down digestion and can cause bloating, so take deep breaths and relax while eating.

  8. The most effective way to maintain gut health is to drink more water.  The gut is essentially a long, slippery tube.

  9. Exercise stimulates the digestive tract and encourages healthy digestive-transit enzymes.

  10. There are 100m neurons contained in the gut, leading to it often being referred to as the second brain.

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